The name of the game I am reviewing is This game is an mmo game (massively
multiplayer online), an mmo game is a
multiplayer game on a single server or map, where game is where you
attempt to grow bigger or stronger than everyone else. Meanwhile
everyone else wants to make you weaker and themselves stronger. People
work together or against each other to achieve a goal.
All players start out looking the same in a 2d world of grass. You will
find enemies, animals, trees, rocks, and other players. There are two
different biomes, artic on top and grassland on bottom. There are black
borders surrounding the map that you cannot go through.
The enemies are wolves, bears, polar bears, and ice giants. They go in
order of weakest to strongest however ice giants only spawn at night and
target large bases. The animals are pigs, chickens, and saddled pigs.
They all drop food and saddled pigs are rideable. Trees and rocks give
resources to build bases. Other players try to kill you for resources or
alliance with you to get stronger. When you spawn you will have a sword
you can kill things with or harvest resources with it. You can gain
experience to level up by doing anything in the game. Levels are used to
do more damage and harvest more resources. You can build bases and
make mercenaries and guards to defend it.
I have done very well in this game I have gotten large bases with pigs
and food and resources and I can be very good at this game. I usually get
high tier stuff like mercenaries and guards and I can kill bears easily.
Overall it is a great game with a lot of features and cool gameplay, so
I recommend it fully and I’m sure you will love it as well.
Daniel G.

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